Fan episodes: 2.

  • Brad Buttowski and Lucille finished watching the movie and their now eating. During their dinner Spritz T. Cat shows up and tries to sing them a love song. Brad and Lucille cover their ears until Lucille screams and her homing missiles lunches at Spritz and he went flying up in the air until he hit the ground and went unconscious.
  • The fish robot grabs Spritz and the robot is ready to eat him. Spritz's body is fulling of blood.

Fan episodes: 3.

  • Spritz is captured and attacked. He's being held at the Marysalis's aquarium. Spritz can't escape from the tank because he's about to die, but he continues living. Marysalis is feeding Spritz with fish food. Spritz begins to like it and he says, "I kind of like it in there and the fish food is so good". Spritz smiles and says, "I want to take the tank and the fish food back home". But now, he's dying bit to bit.

Fan episodes: 6.

  • Marysalis says, "If anything bad happens to my daughter Sunset, your days as a Pizza Cat will be over for good. Will these two are in fact cousins, this is going to be easy." Spritz gets more angry and he says, "Why did you say that? Anyone who says it's going to be easy turns out to be hard at the end!" The two notice that the two children are gone. Spritz says, "See I told you". Marysalis steps on Spritz's foot so hard it hurts. He is in pain.

Fan episodes: 7.

  • The antagonist, Meyrin Shadowish, takes out a laser gun and she shot Spritz. Spritz lets Dolph Greedish go from the chokehold. Dolph throws Spritz in midair and he jumps up and he kicks Spritz's stomach real hard. Spritz hit the floor and he's out cold.

Fan episodes: 13.

  • Spritz attacks Sunset Shimmer, but she does a roundhouse kick to Spritz T. Cat's chest. Spritz is hurt and Sunset asked, "Is it painful?" Spritz gets angry and he tries to attack Sunset with his water pressure guns until the unicorn flying knee strike to Spritz's face. Spritz is knockout.

Fan episodes: 49.

  • The next day, Prince Top Cat, Princess Vega and Prince Jesus are calling from Princess Eisibeth. She is crying and she tells them that Spritz is dead.